Hello there 👋

Hi, I’m Zineb Bendhiba, an Open Source Java developer with extensive experience, deeply passionate about navigating the complex challenges within Cloud Native environments. I am dedicated to using and contributing to Open Source projects to tackle these challenges.

I believe that Apache Camel is an amazing tool for connecting different systems together. Within the Apache Camel community, I contribute to various projects and show my skills by coming up with innovative solutions. As a member of the PMC (Project Management Committee) and participant in the direction of the project, I’m honored to serve and lead the way.

Through my work in the Apache Camel community, I’ve become knowledgeable about cutting-edge technologies like Kubernetes, Quarkus, Serverless and GenAI. I’m always looking for new ways to apply this knowledge and make a positive impact.

I also participate in various open-source and women-in-tech communities as a speaker, sharing my experiences and insights with others who are passionate about tech.

Facts about me

  • 🖥 I work as a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat
  • 🐪 I actively contribute to Apache Camel as a committer and member of the Project Management Committee (PMC).
  • 🔭 Currently, I am involved in enhancing Apache Camel extensions for Quarkus.
  • 🗣 You can catch me speaking at various conferences. Check out my Talks and Podcasts pages.
  • 😎 I proudly serve as a member of the CFP committee for Devoxx France and Devoxx Morocco conferences since 2022.
  • 👯‍♀️ I am an active member of the Duchess France community (Board member from March 2021 to July 2023).
  • 📚 I enjoy writing articles on various tech topics. Check out my articles on magazines and other websites.
  • 😄 Pronouns: She / Her / Hers
  • 💃 Dancing is my favorite way to unwind!


You could check my Resume on my Linkedin profile.

Bio in French

Bonjour, je suis Zineb Bendhiba, développeuse Java open-Source expérimentée qui est passionnée par la résolution de défis complexes dans les environnements Cloud Native.

Je pense que Apache Camel est un outil puissant pour connecter différents systèmes. Au sein de la communauté d’Apache Camel, je contribue à divers projets et partage mon expertise en proposant des solutions innovantes. En tant que membre du PMC (Project Management Committee) d’Apache Camel, j’ai l’honneur de servir et de participer à la direction du projet.

En tant que contributrice active dans la communauté Apache Camel, j’ai acquis des connaissances sur les technologies émergentes comme Kubernetes, Quarkus et GenAI. Je continue à explorer de nouvelles façons d’utiliser ces connaissances pour innover et créer de la valeur.

Je participe également à diverses communautés open-Source et women-in-tech en tant que speaker, partageant mes expériences et connaissances avec d’autres passionné.e.s de l’informatique.