🇬🇧 Build a Multichannel Hub with Apache Camel and Quarkus

Workshop with Bruno Meseguer

The emergence of Quarkus and the latest evolution of Apache Camel has driven enterprise integration to make a significant leap forward, bringing Camel to everyone, not just the Camel Developer. This workshop presents an exciting real-world inspired base scenario, where you will impersonate the regular Kubernetes user as well as the experienced Camel developer. You will complete a series of exercises, ranging from simple data flows to medium and advanced use cases. The lab is very easy to follow and delivers great value on each step the student completes. Takeaways:

  • Insightful view on trends organisations use to connect and collaborate with their customers.
  • Build a platform from the ground up with minimal effort.
  • Evolve its architecture as you progress in the workshop.
  • Sample a variety of cutting-edge cloud-native technologies.
  • Understand better than ever how to use the latest generation of Apache Camel.